The most AWESOMEST of Little People Milestones

Today my friends, is a good day.

Today, is the most significant milestone our little family has had the opportunity to celebrate to date.

This post isn’t about my son speaking his first word, nor is it about his first determined steps across our kitchen…

No my friends, today is special, because our youngest has graduated from wearing nappies and is now using the potty.

Joy Oh Joy!!!! Please let me scream it from the rooftops!

My washing requirements have greatly increased, but regardless, i can’t tell you how massively awesome it is not to have to change nappies anymore for my children.  It really does fill my soul with hope that I’ve got a handle on this whole parenting thing and we will be OK.

(at least until it’s time for our first visit to the skate park – son number two is a bit of a dare devil…)

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