Mission – Comfy Jeans

Sooooo, I may have put on a bit of weight recently, actually for me, it’s a significant amount of weight. – 9 kilos to be exact, that’s just shy of 20 pounds for you playing along where the Metric system isn’t really your thing.

In January, I set a fire under myself and got to work on making myself feel good about my body again. I started to run (just to be clear, this is nothing short of a MIRACLE, I HATE running), I cleaned up my diet, and within a few weeks my jeans started to fit properly again for the first time since my second son was born.

Then I hurt my foot, it started to get cold, and I completely and utterly face planted off the wagon. Fast forward four months and the scale is 9 kilos in the wrong direction.

And yes, I’m conscious that it’s not all about the number on the scale. But I know I’m not ‘me’ right now. Nothing fits me properly, I’m getting uncomfortable in my ‘comfy’ clothes, and my fitness has simply gone right out the window.

So, I’m not cool with how my body feels, and I definitely can’t afford to replace my wardrobe, so it’s time to get serious again.  I’ve updated “My Fitness Pal” and reloaded “Map My Run” (Shudder) onto my phone, and I’m going to get this done!!!!

The coolest thing about the Map My Run App is that it clocks all the vital stats of your activity. The distance you go (including a map), the amount of time you spent exercising, and the calories you burnt.  So, as part of keeping me honest, I’m intending to give you a weekly wrap up of my exercise journey. I’m also investing ways to clean up my diet and keep a healthier dining table regime for Amazing Husband and the kids.

Any advice or guidance is welcome, so if you’ve got some awesome pointers about how you’ve found your mojo for exercise, or some amazing yummy recipes that will help me keep this healthier lifestyle on track, I want to hear about it!  Either drop me a comment, or email me at hello@tambellaarts.com.au

Weekly update to follow next Sunday! X

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