Why Quilling?

I’ve always been a bit crafty. I’ve turned my hand to heaps of crafty hobbies, and over the years I’ve amassed an extensive collection of jewellery beads, macramé rope, stencils, paint, and coloured pencils.

As part of this craft obsession, I’ve also always collected paper. I was a prolific letter writer in my youth (when snail mail was kinda what you did), and I loved finding unusual paper to write on.  Texture and colour and prints, I was into all of it.

Just shy of 8 years ago, one of my closest friends was getting married, and I wanted her wedding gift to be something unique, and personal.  In the months prior to her big day I stumbled upon some paper work by Yulia Brodskaya.  If you haven’t heard of her, do yourself a favour and go check out what she does, she is basically the Goddess of Quilling and one of my all-time favourite paper artists.  I spotted a piece by her that combined typography art and quilling and I knew I had found what I wanted to create to give to my friend.

Her piece was the first officiall quilling piece I’ve ever made. It took me weeks to create, as I taught myself the skill. However, the final result was such that, she displayed it at the reception on her wedding day, and, I was instantly approached by another wedding guest to make his partner a piece as well.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

The piece pictured below is my Protea. You can order this design (and see many of my other pieces, via my Etsy Shop)

Protea Botanical Paper Art

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