Finn the Atlantic Puffin

One of my true joys from my little paper art business “Tambella Arts” is being asked to make special custom pieces.  A lot of my work has been created based on special requests and I always get a kick out of being challenged to create something that reflects my customer’s expectations.

Enter “Finn the Atlantic Puffin”, he was a surprise birthday gift from two thoughtful daughters to a well deserving mum (or Mom in this case as she is located in the US.)


The pictures below are of “Finn” in the wild, settling into his ‘Forever home’. Finn’s new mother is an avid Puffin enthusiast, and her daughters wanted to give her something unique and beautiful to compliment her collection.  I’m literally bursting with pride to share with you this comment below from when Finn was unwrapped for her birthday:

“You can tell Carrie how much I love him and her incredible talent. He will not be alone ’cause of all the other puffins he will be hanging out with.”

Insert Carrie’s excited squeal -here-. 😊

If you would like to have a special piece made for yourself, or someone you know, please drop me a line. I seriously love this stuff, and I always endeavour to deliver a piece that is truly beautiful and unique.   You can reach me through my contact page, or send an email to

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