Tambella Wildlife – Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

four sulphur crested cockatoos sit on a branch on a gum tree as one takes flight

The little slice of heaven my family are lucky enough to call home, is nestled in the Northern foothills of Tamborine Mountain in South East Queensland, Australia.

Three edges of our property are marked by huge gum trees.  They’re big mother trees, with notches and hollows, and crevices in which all manner of wildlife reside.

Large gum tree on fence line
The large “Mother Tree” gum, which marks our front fence line.

We’ve rescued baby Rainbow Lorikeets that have fallen from nests, seen snakes navigate the grey smooth trunks, and had Magpie’s battle for territory from their dizzying heights way above us.

The largest and closest gum is just outside our front gate and towers to what feels to be at least 35 metres, from ground level to tree-top.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoos roost in huge numbers in these majestic giants.

As dusk falls they move en-masse between the three gums, a white cloud of noise, screaming across the sky until they select which beauty will be their resting place for the night.

With them so close and so comfortable with our family close by, I’ve been able to photograph them in the tree as you can see below.

four sulphur crested cockatoos sit on a branch on a gum tree as one takes flight
Spotted in our Mother Gum at the front of our property. This was just a handful of the cockatoos that were roosting that afternoon.

They’ve also proven fantastic inspiration for my artwork and I’ve enjoyed thoroughly attempting to capture their cheeky personality.

Cockatoo Paper Artwork, with brightly coloured rainbow comb
“Jebediah” – the Rainbow Cockatoo
Cockatoo Paper Artwork major mitchel cockatoo
“Mick” – the bird with swagger
paper artwork, sulphur crested cockatoo with white comb
“Evelyn” – the storm bird

What type of wildlife do you see in and around your backyard?

Let me know in the comments below, or get involved on my Facebook page – Tambella Arts.

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