The Unexpected Pumpkin

pumpkin vine in veggie patch

So, I think I may have mentioned previously, I’m not much of a gardener.  My friends will laugh at this, because they’ll know that our property is pretty much one enormous garden.  The way I’ve come to terms with my lack of time and lack of green thumbs is that I generally mow the lawn, and then walk inside and forget that we have a gazillion different types of plants that probably need all types of different attention at any given moment.

One area I do get fired up about is the garden bed that runs the length of our veranda. When we first moved into the house, it was dotted with sickly hibiscus bush.  Now, it’s my low maintenance veggie patch. I dig our compost scraps in there, and plant out with herbs that are easy to access from the kitchen.

The coolest thing about this little patch, is that it has become really fertile (see composting tip above), it’s now thriving with worms and the soil is super healthy. So much so, that we regularly see random seeds sprouting from the scraps I’ve been digging in.

Enter, the “Unexpected Pumpkin”.  Photographic evidence that I can, actually grow things in our garden… from seed!

pumpkin growing in the garden on the vine
Our Unexpected Pumpkin

This little fella has been on the vine for about 3 weeks and I’m pretty sure we are getting close to harvest time.

Any pumpkin growing experts out there that can suggest when I should be plucking him for cooking? Baked pumpkin is a favourite in our household and I’m busting to dish this guy up.  Drop me a comment below, or send me a message via my Facebok page.

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