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Turkey tacos with salad

Last night was Taco night. Not every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday at our house, but it is an easy and interactive meal that the boys get into (all three of them including the really tall one). This turkey tacos recipe is so super easy and tasty, that I can start cooking when awesome husband arrives home and have it plated and ready for us to sit down to, by the time he’s out of the shower. (As long as son 1 and son 2 hold their end of the bargain and help set the table).

So, if you’re after a fast, easy, weekday meal, that the kids will get excited about and enthusiastic about eating something multicoloured (including green – YAAAAS!), then this might be for your household.

Turkey Tacos for an easy weekday family meal
This is a super easy recipe, great for a weeknight meal. (Image from Old El Paso, my styling skills are no where near this baller)


Turkey Tacos (not just for Tuesdays)
  Prep Time: 5 mins Makes: 4
  Cook Time: 10 mins  
Ingredients – Mince    
500 grams minced Turkey    
2 garlic cloves – crushed    
1 brown onion    
1 pkt chipotle powder mix


Ingredients – Tacos and Salad

I pkt soft tacos (usually about 10 to a pack)  


2 large tomatoes    
½ cucumber sliced    
1 Avocado    
½ small cos lettuce    
1/2 cup of grated Tasty cheese    
1.     Peel and chop up your onion, throw it in a frying pan and brown it up. Once the onion is looking tasty remove it from the pan and set aside.
2.      Throw your Turkey mince into the pan and brown it up, I add the Chipotle spice at this point. Once the mince is brown, throw your onion back in with it.  Once this step is complete your mince is pretty much ready, reduce the heat to keep it warm without burning it.
3.     Take your soft tacos out of their packet and heat up in the microwave. The ones we get need around 1 minute just to warm them up, but have a look at the instructions for the tacos you buy..
4.      Throw the mince into a dish, add a big spoon for little hands to use, place all the salad and taco shells onto a big plate and place everything on the table that your kids have already set. – experience tells me, washing up will be minimal, if you get the “boat shape” soft taco shells, try taking it one step further by eating the meal outside sans plates (I’m all for less washing up) 😊

5. Enjoy your turkey tacos. – Seriously, i challenge you not to enjoy them, these things are delicious.




Some Pointers:

Turkey mince can of course be substituted for beef mince. I’ve gotten into the habit of using turkey because it’s so lean and it does taste pretty darn good in this recipe.

My boys love the autonomy of helping themselves to “make this meal for themselves”.  Everyting is accessible on the table and they can literally fill the taco shells themselves and place what salad they want on their plates (followed by mum and dad adding a touch more avo or tomato).  It’s a great, let’s sit down together, and get messy at the table meal. Cutlery optional. 😊

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