Growing Avocados from Seed

Growing avocadoes from seed
Growing avocadoes from seed
Growing Avocadoes from Seed

I know I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a gardener. But I do marvel at our natural world and the incredible way our flora and fauna reproduces.  A simple, fun project to do at home is growing avocadoes from seed. I do this often with my two little boys and they love it.

So join me as we start this project off from the beginning, I’ll keep you updated in the blog as to our progress.  Ty, Lachy and I are excited to share this with you.


For this project, you will need:

An avocado seed


Don’t get picky about the type of avocado, I recommend save the seed from an avocado you particularly enjoyed.
A glass jar


Ty loves jam – our dentist does not – so we have a few jam jars on hand that are a nice size
Toothpicks Four will do
Water Tap is fine, no fancy sparkling here
Patience This element my friends, is key.




Day 1.

Harvesting an Avocado Seed to Grow

We had Turkey Tacos last night, and as part of the salad, we had a couple of avocadoes sliced up. Delish!

I’ve taken the two seeds, given them a quick clean, and prepared them for the boys to start growing their own avocado plants.

Take your toothpicks and push into the avocado so the seed will sit by itself in the glass jar.

Fill the jar with water so the seed is about 2/3 immersed.

That’s it! We’ll check in soon with an update.


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