Five Household Items You Can Use to Start Your First Quilling Project

5 Simple Quilling Tools

Are you wanting to try Quilling, but just aren’t sure what you need to get started? This post will illustrate five household items you can use to start (and complete) your first quilling project. You don’t need special tools, you will literally find these things in your home.

In this post, I’ll share with you 5 household items you’ll need to kick off your first quilling project.

1. Paper
And guess what? ANY paper will do. Old magazines, an electricity bill, newspaper. You don’t need to dash out and purchase special quilling paper strips, In the coming weeks, I’m going to walk you through a really simple quilling project, including how to make your own simple quilling strips for your first project.

2. Scissors
A good set of kitchen scissors is all you need to start. A regular sized pair of scissors is the easiest to use to make your own quilling strips

3. Glue
Any liquid form craft glue will work. I use Elmers School Glue, it pours white and dries clear. One thing to keep in mind with quilling is that very little glue is needed to affix the paper into place.

4. A Toothpick
Seriously, this is all you need to start making a quilling artwork. To be honest any small cylindrical item in your home will work, a pen, or a knitting needle (I personally use a very small crotchet hook which my Nana used to do needlework with when she was alive). Just keep in mind, the smaller your tool, the smaller you’ll be able to make the coils in your quilling pieces.

5. A Plastic Lid for your Glue
When assembling your piece, you’re going to dip your paper into the glue, and a simple tray of some kind is all you need for this purpose. You could use an old birthday card, or another sheet of paper folded over. A plastic tray works nicely as you can peel off any dried glue when returning to your project later and keep a tidy surface to dip into. (plus, I was one of those kids that loved painting their hand in the pva and peeling it off when it dried, this is like the “adult” equivalent. 😊)

5 Simple Quilling Tools
5 household items you can use to complete you first quilling project

And that’s it guys, that is seriously all you need to kick off your first ‘Quilling Project’. Would you like to learn more about how I make my artwork? Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know what you’d be interested in learning. x

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