Paper Art – 5 Artists I admire.

By Charli's Hand

I love seeing what other artists are up to the world of Paper Cutting, here are five paper artists creating amazing things with this versatile medium.

Little ray of sunflower

Little Ray of Sunflower
Little Ray of Sunflower creates amazingly detailed paper terraniums in miniature.

NV Illustration

NV Illusration
NV Illustration has an ongoing project where they create a piece of mini art everyday, follow along on their instagram.

Brittani Rose Paper

Brittani Rose Paper
Brittani creates incredibly delicate paper portraits with amazing detail.

Becky May Art –

Becky May Art
I’m absolutely in love with the delicate, complicated and etheral work of Becky May.

By Charli’s Hand

By Charli's Hand
Charli’s work was instrumental in inspiring me to pursue paper art further. Her designs are bright and playful.

What other paper artist’s work are you in love with? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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