Edmund the Blue Faced Honey-Eater

Edmund the Blue Faced Honey-Eater

This is Edmund, he’s a Blue Faced Honey-Eater. Before my family and I moved to Tambella, I had never heard of them, let alone seen them before in the wild or otherwise.

Quilling paper artwork of bird in flight
This quilling paper artwork is of Edmund the Blue Faced honey eater, he’s framed in a 50 x 50cm frame.

They love the grevillea in our garden and I’ve often spotted them hanging upside down feeding on the flowers.

The males have amazing blue eyeshadow around their eyes, which during the breeding season turns almost neon in colour. The rest of their bodies are more subdued with whites, greys and green feathers over their backs and chest.  The flash of blue though is startling and I enjoy seeing them call our home, “Home” too.


Edmund, I’ve attempted to create in the local honey-eater’s image.  He is framed behind glass in a 50 x 50cm frame.  At the moment he hangs proudly from our wall between our kitchen and lounge room.

Edmund the Blue Faced Honey-Eater
Paper Quilling Art of Edmund the Blue-Faced Honey-Eater

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