Less Waste Wednesdays – Making my own Bread – Sourdough


My family of four, usually goes through two loaves of bread a week. Sometimes three, if all my boys want it in the morning as toast.  Two to three loaves, equals two to three soft plastic bags (that I do take back to the supermarket to recycle in their ‘redcycle’ programme, but elimination of the use of the plastic in the first place is ALWAYS the preferred option) that need to be disposed of.

It makes me mental.

One of my beautiful neighbours hosted a sourdough baking class, and I’m very excited to start to make our own bread, as often as humanly possible.

There are so many benefits to this process.  Firstly, knowing exactly what is going into your food is nothing short of fantastic.  The process to bake the bread is simple and the birth of a new loaf is always rewarding. Finally, the fact that I can reduce so much packaging that comes from our weekly bread requirements just makes my heart burst with joy.  I can purchase ingredients from a bulk food store transported via my own containers, thus eliminating any packaging that would otherwise need disposal.

And of course I realise not everyone has time to be baking their own bread. In my previous life of working full time in the corporate world, I would have laughed in your face if you had suggested this to me as an option to be more environmentally conscious. I get it. Life is freaking busy, and it is convenient and often the only option we have, but to purchase something that has been wrapped in plastic, that can be picked up easily on the way home from work.

However, I  know how much enriched my life is becoming, by getting back to basics and carving out time to learn how to make things from scratch (like bread).  I hope with this in mind, more people are able to find a balance between their hectic lifestyle and building into it the basics of how to live more mindfully. All these little steps from each individual will continue to build a wave of positive change.

Do you make bread at home? Perhaps you make something else from scratch? Yoghurt? Pasta? Almond Milk? Let me know about it in the comments below.

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