Clive the Cockatiel – A pet portrait

I love making custom pieces. Pet Portraits especially are my thing. x It’s such a joy when I’m given an image to recreate in my own style.

Enter “Clive the Cockatiel”. His non feathery parents relocated for work to the other side of the world and he went on extended holiday with his grandparents.

Clive the Cockatiel Pet Portrait
"We absolutely love this piece and get so many compliments from visitors. You are so talented Carrie."

His Non-Feathery parents missed Clive terribly and decided a little reminder of him was needed in their new home.  That’s where I came in, armed with a 2B pencil. I received the picture below of Clive, developed a sketch and scooted the design back across for confirmation.

Then all the fun part started with the paper (as it always does).

I work up most of my designs purely in lead pencil to begin with, I then select colours of paper to suit the piece and I’ll get cutting and gluing and shaping, slowly drawing out the final image.

Pet Portrait - Clive the Cockatiel

If you’re after a custom artwork, or know someone who maybe, let me know. I’d love to work with you to create something truly special. x


Drop me a line at to start the conversation.



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