Paper Art Workshops – What to Expect

paper art heart

This last couple of months, I’ve been able to start my face to face paper art workshops (which is bringing me all the really big feels), and I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you what you can expect from the workshops I teach face to face.

Paper Craft is an Art that is Accessible to Everyone.

Let's Create Together.

I truly believe paper craft is an art that is accessible to everyone.

The style of paper art I teach, allows you to create really beautiful artworks from simple supplies and tools (many of which you probably already have at home).

I teach basic techniques that will allow you to start making your own pieces by yourself really easily.

paper art workshop

My workshops walk my students through a single design.

You’ll start with transferring your design onto your chosen background, followed by cutting and shaping paper strips to create the outer shell of the design, followed by creating elements that fill in the centre of the work.

You’ll learn how I use tools to shape paper, glue and adhere in place to create the intricate pieces that make up the vast body of my work.

Heart paper art

I supply all the tools and equipment and you take home a complete art piece that is framed and ready to display.

Workshops generally run for 3 hours, and I like to make a habit of ensuring we have morning (or afternoon tea), because honestly, who can say no to some locally made cake and a cuppa?


I’d love to see you attend one of my workshops. You can see the current workshops available here, and don’t forget to jump on my Tambella VIP list, so you don’t miss out on updates about upcoming workshops in the future. X.

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