1st Anniversary Wedding Gifts

1st wedding anniversary gift

Did you know the traditional 1st Anniversary gift is Paper?

I love the idea of celebrating your first year together, by using this most simple of products.

I’ve always loved paper, in its raw form it offers so many endless possibilities.

A blank page can be turned into so many wonderful and unique things, from a mini paper sculpture (think origami), to a collage of colours, a canvas to paint, or a hand written love letter.  The possibilities are endless.


I’ve been asked on a number of occasions to create special anniversary gifts for couples. In fact my very first piece was a framed name plaque celebrating one of my closest friend’s wedding day. The couple opened their gift on the morning of their wedding and loved it so much they decided to display it during the reception and in turn I was approached by another guest that night to make another piece for his wife for their fifth wedding anniversary.

Rainbow geometric Paper heart art

Creating custom pieces to celebrate a wedding or union is one of my favourite things to make.  There really is something magic about being asked to contribute to these important moments in a couple’s life and I’m so thankful to ask to be involved.

quilling paper art

Custom pieces are meticulously planned, with a design sketched and signed off before any work commences with the paper. From unique geometric heart designs to name plaques, the possibilities are endless as to what can be made and then treasured for a lifetime.

If you’re interested in having a custom anniversary piece created, drop me a line. I’d love to explore the possibilities with you. X


Heart paper art

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