Quilling Tool

Quilling Tool

Quilling Tools

I’m often asked about what tools i use to make my artwork.There are plenty of ‘quilling tools’ on the market, that you can pick up from craft shops. Most are a plastic handled piece of cylindric metal, which is either shaped like a skewer or has a slot in the centre to thread your paper through and curve over.


For all my artwork, I use a fine (and rather misshapen) crotchet needle. I inherited it amongst an array of other small nick nacks and craft items from my Nana when she passed some years ago. She was an avid crotchet enthusiast and this beat up piece of metal no doubt would have been held between her skilled fingers often.

Quilling Tool

I’ve tried other tools from toothpicks to official ‘quilling needles’ but i always find myself gravitating back to Nan’s crotchet hook. That’s one of the things i love about this craft, the tools you can use to create something beautiful can literally be found around your home. Your only limitation is your imagination.

To create most of the shapes i make with paper, i slide the shaft of the crotchet needle along the edge of the paper (think curling a piece of ribbon with a pair of scissors), this bends and shapes the paper into curves. To create tight coils, i curl the paper around the shaft, winding as i go. Paper is a pretty resilient medium to work with and will hold its shape pretty well through this process. 🙂

Do you create your own quilling works? What is your favourite tool?

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