My Creative Process for Paper Art

Paper Art Process

Today, I’m going let you in on my Creative Process. 🙂

I’m a little old school when it comes to my creative process. I bought myself a 2013 iMac earlier this year and i’m still working out how to use the Notes Function, so when it comes to the digital side of things i’m a little slow on the uptake… But I’m absolutely OK with that.

I love the dexterity my work requires, the need for the paper to be manipulated and shaped between my fingers, the evolution of a design from a simple sketch to colourful 3D piece at completion. Old School analog is certainly my niche at the moment, and it’s part of what makes my work what it is.


The down and dirty of my process is below if you’d like all the juicy details. 🙂

paper art pet portrait
Paper Art Process
  1. I sketch my designs out into an A4 sketch book in lead pencil, I mess around with the design for a few hours (mainly because sketching is not my super power, although I have improved OUT OF SIGHT, since I started this creative journey a couple of years ago).
  2. I take the finished design and trace it out on tracing paper – #lifehack *Baking Paper makes amazing tracing paper 🙂 
  3. I select the colours I’ll be recreating the design in from my paper and cardstock stash
  4. I cut out the design tracing each element onto the selected paper. All these elements are then glued together to create the shape of my artwork.
  5. I cut thin strips of paper, shape each strip, dip it in glue and apply it to my cut and glued elements. Thus creating the 3D effect.
  6. I’ll place the finished elements onto a background, sometimes adding additional elements like leaves, flowers or abstract shapes.
  7. I’ll frame the piece in a locally sourced frame.
  8. I make myself a cuppa and admire my new work now hung on our kitchen wall.

I also love teaching my style of paper art. If you’d like to learn with me, i have a free tutorial for download which you can snap up here.

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