Hand Marbled Paper from Israel

Hand Marbled paper

This post is about a special project I’ve been working on, which commenced in November 2019.

I was contacted by Boaz from @dodinsmarbling (the link will take you to their Instagram page) and offered some of their beautiful hand marbled paper to start work on a unique and special project.

Dodin’s Marbling is a father and son team, Zusia is the maker of all the hand marbled paper and Boaz his son does all the rest (like running their Etsy shop – on Etsy “HandMarbledPaper” check it out, it’s BEAUTIFUL – photography, marketing, and contacting potential collaborators like me *Thanks Boaz!)

In a series of upcoming posts, I’ll be sharing with you the progress of this project from start to finish.

You can also see a short video of me drooling over this marbled paper when it first arrived at my Instagram TV channel for Tambella Arts.

Hand Marbled paper
Hand Marbled Paper

This shot to the left, shows my project sketch. Dodin’s Marbling have a peacock head on their logo and Boaz and I thought it fitting to celebrate this in the artwork I’ll be creating.

Boaz and Zusia are located in Israel where all the paper marbling creation takes place. They ship worldwide and my paper arrived super fast and packed beautifully. Be sure to check them out, and keep your eyes peeled on my feed for updates on this project.

I’m really excited to share the final result. x

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