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Paper Art Workspace

Our little family home has bedrooms for hubby and I, the kids, a guest room (because we live ridiculously far from civilisation) and a tiny half room that i’ve commandeered as my studio.

When Amazing Husband, was Amazing Boyfriend, I did mention to him “I was kinda into crafting”. This was mentioned casually, at the pub between a number of schooners of the local beverage of choice.

He simply looked lovingly into my eyes and said “that’s cool babe” and we continued to enjoy our drinks.

It wasn’t until we moved in together that he fully understood that “kinda into crafting” actually translates to “I have a mild addiction to collecting craft supplies and some day, we may need to build a separate building to house all this stuff in.”


Paper Art Workspace

We have managed to shoe horn ‘all that stuff’ into my studio space. I work at a desk that faces out into our garden, and all my supplies are piled in some level of order all around me on shelves. 

Amazing Husband however will tell you that I do often need more space for larger projects and i’ve been known to regularly commandeer the kitchen table and the kitchen bench simultaneously to both make my pieces and photograph them (what can i say, the kitchen bench hands down gets the best light in the house x) – Shout out to Amazing Husband for putting up with all that too, he really is amazing. x

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