Progress Update – Hand Marbled Paper Peacock

Marbled Paper Peacock in Progress

I shared recently about my collaboration with Dodin’s Marbling.

Marbled Paper is a unique material for me and this is the first time i’ve incorporated it into any of my projects.

Hand Marbled Paper Peacock

The paper has a really beautiful texture, it’s fine, but firm (think ‘crisp’) and the colour which is achieved across the paper is just beautiful.

Dodin’s Marbling have a stylised peacock head on their logo, and so when the time came to collaborate, I agreed with Boaz from Dodin’s Marbling, that a peacock design would be a fitting rebirth for their beautiful paper.

These images show the piece in progress. To showcase the paper, i’ve smashed out my paper cutting skills and used the marbled paper to highlight the body and the eye feathers of the peacock. The selection of paper i received was a range of rich earthy tones and so we’ve gone for a fairly unique colour scheme (I’m pretty certain you aren’t going to see many of these coloured peacocks in the wild).

You can learn more about Dodin’s Marbling here on one of my earlier posts. 

I’m looking forward to sharing the final piece with you soon. 

(He’s such a handsome devil).

Marbled Paper Peacock in Progress

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