First Commission

Paper art first piece

This was the very first piece I ever sold.  

It was made after i was coming out of a very stressful year, our second son had arrived, we were renovating a house, we had moved from the city to the country and i was a ball of stress. I wasn’t coping in my corporate job and something had to give.

Paper art first piece
Paper Art Pelican

It turns out it was the job.  

I slipped out of my fancy office heels and took some time to be a stay home mum with our two young boys, and in between the madness of nappies, crawling, first words and first steps, i started to play around with paper.

It so happens one of my former work colleagues was my first customer. She bought this piece for her son.  I’m ever so grateful for that support with the first real step into this world of paper art. 

She went on to be my first commission customer, commissioning Mister Percival the Pelican, you see on your left.

Art has been my therapy and I’m so much happier and stronger for it.

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