Dodin’s Marbled Paper Collaboration – Dodin the Peacock

Collaboration Peacock Paper Art

Do you ever have days when all the stars and planets just seem to align so your day is filled with sunshine, sun showers and rainbows?

That’s the kinda day I had recently when I finished this piece using paper i’ve received through a  collaboration with  Dodin’s Marbling.

You can read more about how this project began in my earlier posts here and here.

Dodins Peacock Paper Art

Meet “Dodin”, he enjoys long walks on deserted beaches, the odd icy mojito and meeting random attractive people at parties in secluded corners for long intense chats about climate change.

Dodin is the product of my first paper collaboration with Dodin’s Marbling and I’m so very proud of the fabulous piece he has become.

This has been my first experiment with marbled paper, and I must say, I’m in love.

Dodin is presented in a 40 x 40cm white box frame. His body and eye feathers feature the luscious marbled paper and all the blue wisps of his tail feathers have been created using my more traditional technique of quilling.

This has been such a super fun process, thanks once again Boaz from Dodin’s for reaching out to me. This project has stretched my creative muscles in fabulous new ways and i can’t wait to continue to explore with this fabulous paper.


If you’re interested in a collaboration, please drop me a line. I love exploring new techniques with different materials. x 

Framed paper art peacock

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