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Carrie Birch Tambella Arts Paper Art

Today, I’m sharing a bit more about me.  For those of you who follow my social media feeds (Instagram & Facebook) you’ll know from time to time, I share snippets of my home and family life, but I thought today it might be nice to introduce myself formally on my website. 🙂

I’m Carrie, I’m a mother of two young boys (our eldest started school this year – I’m FREAKING OUT, in a good way). I live with the little guys, my husband and “Holly the Hound” on our property “TAMBELLA”, which is also the inspiration for the name of my little art business “TAMBELLA ARTS”.

Carrie Birch Tambella Arts Paper Art
Carrie Birch Sold House

In 2015, we sold up our home in the suburbs of Brisbane, in South East Queensland, Australia. And took on what is commonly known here in Australia, as a “Tree Change”.  We relocated about an hour south, to a rural property.

Our new location took us a little further from the creature comforts of a big city, but fills us with a closeness to nature and a community spirit that gives my heart all the warm and fuzzies.

An unanticipated side effect of moving was the culmination of stress. Our second son arrived at the same time we decided to take on an extensive renovation on our new home. I returned to my corporate job in the city and… it got a bit much. 

So, we changed up our habits, I left my corporate role to recuperate and I discovered, that I was handy at transforming scraps of paper into pretty colourful pictures, and I’ve been making paper art ever since.  

I sell my original pieces online, at local markets and via art galleries in Brisbane. I also teach my style of paper art through face to face classes and online tutorials (more of which will be released soon). 

Carrie Birch Paper Art
Carrie and Holly

Some other details about me:

I’m a disastrous gardener, a competitive monopoly player, and I will never pass up the opportunity to sip a sneaky glass of pear cider by a camp fire. (We actually built a fire pit, just for this purpose in the backyard last July).

So, that’s me. 

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about who I am. Don’t forget, if you’d like to receive regular updates about the latest from Tambella and the goings on with my art and classes, the easiet way to get them is to sign up to my mailing list.


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