Blue Wrens Paper Art

Blue Wren Tambella Arts

Some days are more productive than others.
Today, this little guy and two of his girlfriends took shape properly, as did the colourful grevillea bloom that will feature in their setting for this unique commission piece.

Unfortunately the washing is still on the line, the kitchen literally looks like a war zone and the kids bathroom may now be the home to a previously homeless wombat… I can’t be certain, I’m too terrified to go in there right now.

This ‘balance’ thing sure is tricky. But hey, at least this wren looks the business… #success

Blue Wren Tambella Arts
Three Wrens Tambella Arts Carrie Birch

Wrens have featured heavily in my work to date. We have a beautiful bouganvillea that has been shaped into a stand alone tree out our kitchen window and it’s one of the wrens favourite place to hang out. We often see a male singing to his girlfriends from the very top of the bush. 🙂

This image to the left is the original artwork the wren above was created for.

You can get your hands on prints of my work featuring wrens below and check out the original artwork pictured as well.. x

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