Storing Quilling Strips for On Edge Paper Art

For my paper art projects I hand cut my strips using a scalpel and a ruler. I like to use Cardstock to create my work with and I find it easier to get bold straight lines for my on edge work with thicker gsm papers.

With this in mind, I end up with a lot of random paper strips floating around my studio, cut from different types of stock in a rainbow of colours.  I like to have strips on hand when I have a new design in mind and storing my paper has been a conundrum I’ve been trying to get a handle on since I began my paper creative journey.

Storing Quilling Strips

My solution?

I store all my hand cut paper strips in stackable boxes and gather groups of colours together within that box.

Each bundle of the same colour is gathered together by a paper strip which keeps my colour ordered, and the strips straight and undamaged.

I use a clear plastic storage box, that has a lid that locks into place.

Most of my strips are 30cm  (12 inches) long and this box is slightly longer than that, and deep enough that I can fit a rainbow of colour bundled in colour order safe and sound. 🙂

You can view a quick video on my storage system below, just click the link.

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