Unique Artwork - Made entirely from paper

Are you looking for something entirely unique to adorn your walls?

  • A gift that is handcrafted with love and care?
  • An artwork that reveals its unique nature as you get closer to it?
  • I can help you with all of the above.

I create hand crafted, unique paper artworks. Using a technique known as ‘quilling’ or ‘on edge paper art’.

From sketch to colour selection to framing, I will make you a piece that will be treasured for a lifetime.

From celebrating a furry or feathery family member, to letter and name plaques as a special new born gift. I love making unique pieces that will make a statement in your home.

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Tambella Arts Paper Artwork

My Process

  1. I start with a sketch. With your direction, I’ll sketch out the initial design for your feedback.
  2. After confirming the design, I move to the paper cutting and shaping of your unique piece, selecting colours based on your direction, or feel free to leave the colour scheme up to me.
  3. Once I’ve cut and shaped the paper, each piece is carefully and meticulously adhered together, creating an image that is delicate and 3Dimensional.
  4. Finally, if requested, I will frame your piece for you (or you may wish to frame yourself), I’ll carefully package your artwork for transit and send it on its way to you to be cherished forever.
  5. The entire process takes usually 6 weeks for an original work to be completed. Each strip of paper is shaped by hand to achieve the unique 3D affect.


Prices for my unique artworks are based on size and complexity. If you would like your artwork delivered framed, I work to standard frame sizes.

29 x 37cm Portrait (11.5 x 14.5 inches) – starting price AUD$500

40 or 50cm square (15.7 or 19.6 inches) – starting price AUD$700

Do I Ship Internationally?

Absolutely, as part of our initial consultation discussion, we will talk about shipping costs to your location.

I package all my work with care, and my task is not complete until you receive your piece safe and sound and ready to display on your wall.

Tambella Arts Paper Art

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